Fisheries Management

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We have a combined 50 years of experience in providing fisheries and aquatic weed control services to pond owners in South Carolina. We use a combination of biological and EPA approved chemical control of noxious aquatic weeds.

Mac Watson II has a B.S. Degree in Fisheries Management and worked for the SC Department of Natural Resources since 1970 as a fisheries biologist with responsibilities in our agency's farm pond management, state lakes, and hatchery programs.

A.M.S can provide either management recommendations to the pond owner or provide direct application of EPA approved aquatic herbicides or the stocking of triploid grass carp / tilapia to provide control. In many cases, a combination of aquatic herbicides and grass carp / tilapia will offer the best approach to long term management of aquatic vegetation and algae. Aquatic weed control may also include recommendations to alter water depths in the pond, pond liming, pond dye, or fertilization programs.

Fish Population Balance Inspections: Analysis of largemouth bass / bluegill population to determine "balance" is performed during the summer months using seines to evaluate both bass and bream reproduction and the possible presence of competitive fish species or overcrowding within the population. Once the analysis has been made, management recommendations will be made to improve the quality of fishing in the pond.


  • Fish Population Balance
  • Aquatic Weed Check
  • Combination (Balance check and Weed identification)
  • Our consultation service comes with a full management report.


All inspections will include onsite recommendations to the pond owner, if he or she is present, and a follow up report e-mailed with the results of the inspection and management recommendations. Pond owners with multiple ponds within the county will get all additional pond inspections at a 50% discount.